Sunday, August 1, 2010

34 3/4, single, no kids

Today is the first of August which means my birthday is in 20 days in which I will be 35. As I was at church this morning, I noticed a female toddler behind me. She was so cute and a true handful for her mother. As I do when I see kids, the yearning inside of me grows. I thought to myself if I were to have children in the next year(assuming I meet and get married before then), when the child turns 15, I will be 50. I really began to wonder if my time for having children has passed me by. That thought will hit me hard and made me straight up DEPRESSED.

As I was headed to a birthday dinner for my mother away from mother, I was talking to my BFF about my thoughts on children. She asked me if I wanted kids, I told her I do and how I'm thinking my time may have passed. She told me "Jo you can always adopt and you can have Naish."

That is the typical response I received from my friends who are parents, "you can just have my kids." Yes that's exactly what I want. NOT!!

A few years back I had made a goal/plan that by the time I hit 35, if I was not married, I would adopt. Well 35 is in 20 days. Here's the thing, I always thought I would be raising children with a husband. I haven't given up on the husband so I shouldn't give up on being married and having children. I know something needs to happen soon if I truly believe my time is up.

Too bad I can't wish for a husband. :-)
Then again what's the saying "be careful what you wish for"


  1. Hi Friend, Life is crazy. One thinks that once they become an adult they are in total control and things will be great. NOT TRUE! Marriage doesn't promise a baby. Trust me on that. I say go for it and adopt. There is a baby out there that needs you. You are such a great person and you have so much love to give.

  2. Jo, lately I have been wanting more children as well and I am 36 and single. I really want a son and while I would like to do things "the right way" this time around, sometimes I think I want a son more than I want a husband...Know that a husband is not required to have a baby and while there are a lot of children out there in need of adoptive parents, there are not a lot of babies and single people are heavily scrutinized when it comes to being approved to adopt. As well, it is very expensive. I know so many unhappily married couples but I dont know anyone who is unhappy with their children.

  3. Jo, I definitely understand where you are coming from. I will be 39 in 1 month from tomorrow and statistics says that the odds are stack up against me in terms of the probability of having a baby because of my age. I am also trying to do things the "right way" by waiting for my husband and then having the baby/babies. I try not to think about it so much because then I will become depressed if I dwell on my circumstances.