Thursday, July 29, 2010

Corporate America

Today I truly understood why some people have decided to leave the world of corporate America, step out on faith and open their own business. If I was financial able, translation little to no debt, I would have done it today.

Reason 1. I took a work call today that the caller accused me of calling him a liar, i had not felt my heartbeat that hard in my life that i am still shaken up from the call. Reason 2. About a week go, my manager informed me that I should remove my Langston Hughes quote from my work email signature because it did go well with the company logo right beside it. Reason 3. During my mid-year review today, my manager informed that concerns had been brought to her attention that my screensaver of "The Wire" was offensive and made people make certain assumptions about me.

I will admit the screensaver may have some graphic scenes on it, as a dutiful and compliant worker bee who still needs the paycheck that pays her living expenses, I changed the screensaver to a work related one that I had previously downloaded.

After my review, I pondered the true nature in this rat race we work in called corporate America. I am the product of a revoluntionist aka Rev. Frederick G. Outlaw. I keep it deep seated. I really wanted to tell management to kiss it where the sun don't shine but i need my paycheck like i need air to breathe.

It does feel good to vent a little here online. Thanks for listening to me.

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  1. If your job is a pain, it really helps to have a vibrant social life away from the job. Short of that, a bad job can make life downright miserable. I've had the luxury to be able to walk away from a job that I really hated. My only regret is that I "gave" it three GOOD years of my life.

    There is a balance b/w work (presumably to be well off) and life. The more I come to grips with the fact that I won't be rich, the more the scales shift in favor of being happy. Even if it is at the expense of some of my financial aspirations.