Sunday, September 18, 2011

A feeling

I've been feeling like I'm going through a life crisis. I don't like things in my life. I have a job not a career. I'm single and I wish I at least had a boyfriend and not men who only seem interested in sex and non-communicative and undependable. I hate living check to check.

About 10 days ago, I cut my hair. I mean I CUT my hair. The main reason is I want a change in my life. I want a complete makeover. The hair is the beginning. I want to get this weight off. I want to fall in love, be held, kissed, made love to, holding hands. Yeah I know it sounds very storybook but it's the truth. I've had it before back back back back in the day. I know what it feels like.

How does it happen? The hell if I know. What i do know if i can work on the weigh and career change. That's where I will start.