Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday June 12, 2010

It has been a long day for me today. My day started at 5am. I hit the snooze button once knowing I needed to get up and moving to get ready for Race for the cure. I completed the race but I really felt like I was completely out of shape. I couldn't make on the hills and inclines, I was so out of breath and dehydrated. I have some serious work cut out for in getting trained to run a half-marathon in less than 6 months. I would really like to drop 40 lbs by then. I think that would make such a difference in terms of training.

I've just gotten home and showered from a co-worker's birthday juke joint/cookout/birthday party. He has a cousin that I feel there is an attraction. You know how you see a guy, you look at them, they look at you, there is a teeny tiny spark of interest or something. When I see him come to the house, I get a slight bit of excitement. I have never been one to approach a guy. We never really say anything to each other, so like teenagers I know. Then there is a friend of the birthday boy that another co-worker sadly attempt to hook me up with. I couldn't get this brother on the phone and barely got a reply to a FB message. I see him there. I know he knows who I am but never says anything to me nor me to him, another teenager/child thing. As I leave the party, I hug the cousin awkwardly. I think to myself as I'm driving away, why doesn't he make a move or something. I'm kinda old-fashion like that. A sista was looking very cute today because you never know who you will meet. I keep wondering when will I meet my husband, father of my future children, the person that I will spend the rest of my life with. I'm getting a little sad as I finish this up because as I look toward 35 years of age and I'm still single, it depresses me a little bit every day. Maybe because I'm racked full of emotions because it's that time of the month or the loneliness is just really strong this week.

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  1. Jo, I am loving your blog! You are being so transparent. As I said in a comment to your August blog, I am 36 and single. I get what I would consider a lot of attention especially in an area rumored to have a ratio of women to men of 12-1. However, I get it from all of the WRONG people meaning I am not interested in them :( Thus, when I come across someone that I am interested in, I try to show a little more interest than I am used to showing. If you know that those two guys were interested in you then they have already shown you interest and I think you should reciprocate. Take matters into your own hands!