Saturday, August 21, 2010

35th Birthday

Today is the national holiday AKA my birthday. I enjoyed it. Not as much as I normally would. That's primarily because my body was recovering from another bout with my stomach. My stomach had the worst timing in the world. It put a slight change in my original plans. Plans are made to be broken.

I did get to celebrate my birthday with friends and family at my birthday dinner. We ended up at Chili's instead of Olive Garden. I had an inkling for Italian and initially thought of Maagiano's and should have stayed with that choice. Next year!!

As I age each year, I come to really appreciate sharing my birthday with friends and family here in Raleigh. I heard from my family back home even my sister called to give me birthday well wishes. I heard from everyone in my immediate family except for my dad. I'm slightly surprised because he normally is reminded after my mom tells him.

I'm already thinking about next year's celebrations. Party or not to party. Trip or not to trip. I'm thinking birthday trip overseas. Yeah!!

As I drove home from the restaurant, I was proud of myself for not being sad that I was coming home to an empty house on another birthday. I have accepted the single life on some levels. I still pray that this time next year, I will share my birthday with someone special. I truly believe he is out there looking for me just as I hard as I am looking for him.

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