Wednesday, April 23, 2014

There are moments

There are moments when I wish that I was either in a relationship or married with a family. Those tend to hit during holidays or other events in my life. This weekend I am participating in mock triathlon. It's an event with my training group to get a feel for what the race will be like. Friends and family are welcome to come. I send a bunch of emails out. I think I got 1 response from Andre asking a silly ? about what pool is big enough for 225 yards. He is a hoot.

I wish I had that special someone to be there with me to root me on. That family to be there to root me on. Sunday is one of those moments.

Tonight I was watching modern family. They were in Australia on vacation. At the end they showed them doing stuff and OMG it hit me I wish I had a family of my own to go on vacations with like I did as a kid.

I wonder is it too late. Has that opportunity passed me by? I get really sad when I think about that.

Last weekend was Easter and it made me feel some kind of way to see all the family photos. I wish one of them was me. Oh man I want that 😭😭😭

Then th other night I had the best dream ever. I was on vacation with friends and a guy said to someone "that's my wife right there" he came up behind me and held me and I felt so much love. I knew he loved me and I loved him. It was the best thing in the world. It seemed so real. I kept smiling about it even when I woke up.

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