Thursday, August 1, 2013

Seeing the real deal

I had a male friend. Up until a few hours ago I might have seen a future. There's that saying the last good nerve just snapped. That's exactly what happened. Let me start by giving the background. I texted him a few times yesterday to see if he wanted to come over. After the 2nd text and no response. I decided to give him a call. No response until this morning. When I ask him about being MIA, he pretty much brushes it off by saying that he was busy. I'm a firm believer that you make time for what's important to you. If I read too much into it, who knows.  I let him know that. He told me he was busy and to get over it. Seriously?? At this point I'm boiling hot like grease to fry fish. I have a long ugly text ready to go. I attempt to call my BFF, can't get her. I call tall drink, he's 1 of my really good friends in the whole wide world. He talks me down and tells me to reply in a much calmer way. He said he will either apologize or not. My ex male friend tells me it's fun and remember  that this is what I did. Seriously?? Not once does he admit that he could have picked up the phone or text to say he was busy. Never admit it. I told him to remember that I am the best thing that ever happened to him and he lost it. He totally missed that he doesn't see me as important to him. When someone doesn't take the time to just say I'm busy when they're busy, you are not important to them. It hurts because I care and he apparently doesn't. I know I deserve better.

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